08:15 - 09:00
Breakfast & registration

09:00 - 09:20
Greg Hendrick, CEO, AXA XL

Rising to the challenge in 2019

- What do the events fo 2017 and 2018 mean for us?
- Things to get right in 2019 and beyond: key challenges and opportunities

09:20 - 10:05
Panel discussion: The view of the Underwriter

Anthony Croydon, Account Director, London Market Account, DXC Technology (Moderator)
David Croom-Johnson
, Managing Director, AEGIS London
Ann Haugh, President, Global Markets, AXIS Re
Dominick Hoare
, CUO & Active Underwriter, Munich Re Syndicate
Jonathan Parry, CUO, QBE Re

- What has been the impact of the Lloyd's performance drive on the trading environment
- Lloyd's vs. company market: identifying the best platform for your business
- Market conditions: what are pricing expectations for the year ahead?
- Talent: how do we bring in the next generation and retain existing star performers?
- The future of underwriting: how can technology improve underwriting accuracy?

10:05 - 10:50
Panel discussion: Chief Executive Officer

Thomas Deane, Managing Director, Stonybrook Capital (Moderator)
Chris Beazley
, CEO, MS Amlin AG
Andrew D'Arcy, CEO, Faraday Underwriting
Paul Jardine, Independent Non-Executive Chairman elect, Asta Managing Agency
Kate Markham, CEO, Hiscox London Market
James Vickers, Chairman, International, Willis Re

- With no recent significant or consistent reinsurance rate hardening, is reinsurance now a lower ROE model?
- With this lack of hardening and volatile equity markets, where are the opportunities for growth?
- Has regulation in its many forms or the rating agencies helped or hindered innovation within the market?
- With many Insurtech company's struggling to produce profits, which technologies are being overhyped in terms of their near term impact on the insurance industry?
- What changes are people not paying enough attention to that will transform the market over the next 10 years?

10:50 - 11:20
Coffee break

11:20 - 11:40
Albert A. Benchimol, President & CEO, AXIS Capital

Reinforcing the Value of the London Market

Following a year of significant change and reform across the London market, (re)insurers are looking for ways to capitalize on what could be the London market’s Renaissance moment. But those changes do not come without risks, one of which is that the reforms that Lloyd’s has put in place will be squandered if the market reverts back to its normal course of business. In order to capitalize on these important market reforms – and reinforce the value of the London market – (re)insurers must be disciplined and work together with Lloyd’s and others in the market to ensure that London retains its position as the global hub of specialty risks.

11:40 - 12:25 (sponsored by DOCOsoft)
Panel discussion: Operational excellence at a time of rapid change

Bernard Goyder, Senior Reporter, The Insurance Insider (Moderator)
Sheila Cameron
, CEO, Lloyd's Market Association
Michael Gould, Group COO, Brit Insurance
Hatem Jabsheh, COO, IGI

- The drive for efficiency: operational improvement and expense management
- Market modernisation: implementing the outcomes, Delegated authority transformation and SDC/PPL integration
- Brexit and other political shocks: recognising the risks and identifying opportunities
- Positioning for success: competitive pressures and regulatory challenges

12:25 - 13:40

13:40 - 13:50
Clare Lebecq, CEO, London Market Group

Driving a dynamic vision for the London Market

Much work has been done in the last three years to position London as the global centre for specialist commercial re/insurance solutions. The CEO of the LMG will consider what the market has done, and still needs to do in delivering solutions and knowledge to support global markets.

13:50 - 14:10 
Keynote: Jon Hancock, Director of Performance Management, Lloyd's

Lloyd’s: Setting up for Success

Following a number of years of underperformance at Lloyd’s, Director of Performance Management, Jon Hancock, will cover the current state of play and Lloyd’s short, medium and long term strategies that aim to set the market up for future success.

The 2018 Lloyd’s business planning season was a heavily publicised process, which Jon will break down; what happened during the planning process and what the outcomes were, whilst demystifying some myths and realities!

He’ll conclude by explaining the plans that Performance Management have for 2019 and beyond, focusing on continuous improvement and some initiatives new for this year.

14:10 - 14:55
Panel discussion: Distribution in 2019

Rachel Dalton, Senior Reporter, The Insurance Insider (Moderator)
Talbir Bains
, Founder & CEO, Volante Global
Greg Collins, CEO, Miller Insurance 
Karl Hennessy, CEO Carrier Solutions, Aon UK

- How will increased pressure on carriers translate to distributors in 2019?
- Seizing the opportunities of a global digital market
- New product innovation in 2019

14:55 - 15:20
Keynote: Jamie Bartlett, Journalist & author of The Dark Net

The Dark Net, Technology and Risk

- Introduction to the Dark Net and how it works
- The evolving nature of cyber crime: democratising the tools of crime
- Systemic risk: criminal use of AI, blockchain and automation 
- People and politics: the return of luddism?

15:20 - 15:25
Chairman's closing remarks

15:25 - 17:00
Cocktails & networking

Agenda subject to change

  • Jamie Bartlett

    Jamie Bartlett

    Journalist and author of The Dark Net
  • Chris Beazley

    Chris Beazley

    CEO, MS Amlin AG
  • Albert A. Benchimol

    Albert A. Benchimol

    President & CEO, AXIS Capital

  • Sheila Cameron

    Sheila Cameron

    CEO, Lloyd's Market Association

  • Greg Collins

    Greg Collins

    CEO, Miller Insurance
  • Anthony Croydon

    Anthony Croydon

    Account Director, London Market Account, DXC Technology
  • Andrew D'Arcy

    Andrew D'Arcy

    CEO, Faraday

  • Thomas Deane

    Thomas Deane

    Managing Director, Stonybrook Capital

  • Michael Gould

    Michael Gould

    Group COO, Brit Insurance
  • Jon Hancock

    Jon Hancock

    Director of Performance Management, Lloyd's
  • Karl Hennessy

    Karl Hennessy

    CEO Carrier Solutions, Aon UK

  • Greg Hendrick

    Greg Hendrick

  • Dominick Hoare

    Dominick Hoare

    CUO & Active Underwriter, Munich Re Syndicate

  • Hatem Jabsheh

    Hatem Jabsheh

    COO, IGI
  • Paul Jardine

    Paul Jardine

    Independent Non-Executive Chairman elect, Asta Managing Agency
  • Clare Lebecq

    Clare Lebecq

    CEO, London Market Group
  • Kate Markham

    Kate Markham

    CEO, Hiscox London Market

  • James Vickers

    James Vickers

    Chairman, International, Willis Re
  • Jonathan Parry

    Jonathan Parry

    CUO, QBE Re